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Croma­-Varaždin d.o.o. is located in Sveti Ilija in Croatia. Since 1992. company is producing and trading raw materials required for the production of sausages, salami and other meat delicacies. The main business is separation, cleaning and sorting natural animal casings under the supervision of the competent veterinary services.

Our products ­ natural, collagen and polyamide casings, nettings, spices, bags and Hukki casings are intended for production of meat products used in meat industry as well as for use in households for making local delicacies.

Croma­-Varaždin d.o.o. is an authorized representative and distributor of the following companies:

  • Devro Group (Scotland) ­ the world's leading producer of edible and non­edible collagen casings and films for the meat industry.
  • Nomax Trading (Poland) ­ the leading producer of packaging material for the meat industry, which includes elastic and non­elastic netting, textile casings and spatex program.
  • Christl (Austria) ­ the leading producer of spices for the meat industry and household.
  • PAK Torun (Poland) - manufacturer of printing foils, thermoforming foils, laminated foils, bags and casings.
  • HUKKI - Huckfeldt & Thorlichen GmbH & Co. KG - manufacturer of HUKKI casings which are made with a special technology of combining natural and artificial materials. They can be produced in different dimensions and in different shapes and types of nets.
  • SUPRAVIS GROUP S.A. - leading European manufacturer offering a wide range of products for packaging fresh food products. In our offer you can find their heat-shrinkable and vacuum bags in different dimensions.
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