General Terms and Conditions

CROMA-VARAŽDIN d.o.o. Webshop - General Terms and Conditions

Article 1. General 
These terms and conditions apply to all offers, orders and agreements made by CROMA-VARAŽDIN (hereinafter: CROMA), and exclude any other Terms and Conditions either drafted by Customer or third party.

Exceptiones to these terms are legally valid only if they have been agreed upon in writing.

Article 2. The Prices
The prices for the products are in EURO, including VAT applying in Croatia .
The transportation costs are added automatically when Customer chooses the country of delivery.
CROMA has the right to change prices indicated in rate-book.
Once the Sales Agreement is fixed, prices cannot change without consent.

Article 3. Sales Agreement& Ordering Procedure:
Customer chooses whether he/she is an Individual or a Company.
Individual customers:

- After placing the Order Individual customer will automaticaly receive Confirmation of Order with the price including VAT applying in Croatia.
- Sales agreement is concluded when Customer confirm that he received the Confirmation of Order from CROMA.
- Payment method for Individual customers is by „paypal“ and in EURO's exclusively.
- If Customer fails to execute his payment obligation by „paypal”, CROMA will consider this as cancellation of Order and will regard Sales agreement terminated.

Company customers:

- When filling the Order form Company Customer indicates its e-mail address to which CROMA delivers written Offer within 24 hours (working day).
- When filling the form with Customer's contacts, Customer chooses the country of delivery and the Transporter.
- Tranportation costs will be charged according to CROMA's transportation rate-book and shall be added automatically to total amount of Order.
- Sales agreement is concluded when Customer receives theOffer from CROMA.
- After the Sales agreement is concludedCustomer is obliged to execute his payment to CROMA's accout within 3 (three) days upon receiving the Offer.
- If Customer fails to execute his payment determined in Offer, CROMA will consider this as cancellation of Order and will regard Sales agreement terminated.
- If Customer executes his payment after 3 (three) days expiration time, CROMA does not guarantee availabitility of ordered goods.
- CROMA is allowed to refuse orders or set certain conditions, unless otherwise determined. If an order is not accepted, CROMA will inform the client within 24 hours after receipt of the order.
- CROMA is allowed to contact the Customer to verify certain information regarding the Order prior to delivery of goods.

Article 4. Payment
Payment methods are:
1) For Individual Customers by “pay pal”.
2) For Company Customers: bank transfer to CROMA’s account.

Payment according the terms set in Confirmation of Order.
If Customer doesnot meet the terms of payment set in Confirmation of Order, CROMA will not deliver the goods.

Article 5. Delivery
The delivery time provided on CROMA’s website is an indication.
The delivery time for particular Order will be set in Confirmation of Order.
Customer has no right to financial compensation or cancellation if the delivery time is exceeded.
CROMA can cancel the Order if there are circumstances beyond its control that prohibit CROMA to supply the goods.

Article 6. Checkup
Customer should check up the goods soon as the goods are delivered.
Visible defects or deficiencies should be reported immediately to the Transporter and reclamation protocol signed by Customer and Transporter should be sent to CROMA immediately.
Unvisible defects or shortcomings are to be reported to CROMA within 8 (eight) days from delivery in written, with detailed description.

Article 7. Return of goods
There is no possibility to return the goods delivered.
But if it is proven that the goods do not meet the necessary standards, CROMA will replace the goods.

Article 8. Customer Complaints
Customer may comment or complain about purchase made through this webshop to e-mail address:

Article 9. Personal Data
CROMA (or a third party contracted by CROMA) will process Customer’s personal data only in order to supply the goods ordered.
None of the Customer’s personal data including his bank account will be disclosed to third party.

Article 10. Jurisdiction
Croatian Lawapplies to these terms and conditions.
Unsettled disputes will be brought to aCommercial Court in Varaždin, Croatia.