Homemade blood sausages

Homemade blood sausages

Makes 10kg of stuffing:

  • 5 pork heads
  • 2 kg of pork lungs
  • 2 kg of pork tongues
  • intestinal fat
  • 1 kg of onion
  • 2 kg of buckwheat porridge
  • approximately 1 l of pig blood
  • 250 g of table salt
  • 25 g of ground pepper
  • 25 g of sweet ground peppers
  • 2 g of ground chili peppers
  • approximately 25 m of hog casings, caliber 32/34

Quantities should be adjusted according to taste.

Cook pork head, lungs, tongues until the meat becomes soft. Then grind it on a fine setting. Fry the onion in lard and add the intestinal fat; Grind everything in a meat grinder. Add the cooked buckwheat porridge, pig blood and spices to the ground mixture and stir well ( To taste for sufficient spiciness, fry a small amount before stuffing) Prior to stuffing, soak salted small casings in tepid water.

Put the stuffed casings into hot water of around 70 Cs; do not allow the water to boil. Check if blood sausages are ready by puncturing them with a small needle – if a blood-like liquid appears, they need more cooking. The blood sausages are ready when only a clear, greasy liquid comes out.

Leave the blood sausages in a cool and airy place to let the surface of the casing dry.