Homemade garlic sausages

Homemade garlic sausages

Makes 10 kg of stuffing:

  • 7 kg of pork shoulder
  • 3 kg of fresh bacon
  • 220 to 250 g of table salt
  • 50 g of ground pepper
  • 50 g of sweet ground peppers
  • 200ml of water with one crushed bulb of garlic
  • approximately 25 meters of hog casings, caliber 32/34

Quantities should be adjusted according to taste.

Chop both kinds of meat into small pieces. Add salt, sugar, pepper and stir. Leave for 24 hours.

Separate the mixture into two equal amounts. Grind one amount in the meat grinder on a coarse setting. Grind the second amount on a fine setting. Add the wine and garlic water to the minced meat and stir well. Prior to stuffing, soak the salted pork small casings in tepid water. Then stuff the casings with the mixture and leave the sausages over night for the casing to tighten and dry.