Kulen (Slavonian salami)

Kulen (Slavonian salami)

Makes 10 kg of stuffing:

  • 9 kg of pork meat (loin and leg)
  • 1 kg of fresh bacon
  • 20 to 25 dg of table salt (we don't use dg – suggest 200-250g)
  • hot ground peppers, approximately 100 g
  • sweet ground peppers 50 g
  • approximately 4 pieces of pork bungs – blind guts

Quantities should be adjusted according to taste.

Mince meat and bacon in a meat grinder and add ground spices; extra hot peppers can be added for extra spice. After the meat and spices are well blended, let the ingredients stand for approximately 2 hours. Then stuff the pork blind gut.

Before stuffing, soak the salted bungs in tepid water with the onion and garlic for about two hours, and rinse. Prior to smoking, it is very important to leave the stuffed 'Kulen' in a cool and airy place for approximately 4 to 5 hours to allow the surface of the casing to dry.