Pork Brawn (head cheese)

Pork Brawn (head cheese)

Stuffing for 10 kg of stuffing mixture:

  • 6 kg of pig heads
  • 1 kg of pork chops
  • 3 kg of pork tongues
  • pork skin to one's liking
  • 250 g of table salt
  • 10 g of peppercorn
  • 30 g of sweet ground peppers
  • 30 g of ground pepper
  • 2 dl of water where a chopped garlic bulb was soaked
  • approximately 6 pork stomachs

Quantities should be adjusted according to taste.

Pork heads, chops, tongues, and skins are cooked, cut into strips and mixed with spices. Well blended stuffing is stuffed into pork stomachs, previously desalted in tepid water.

Head cheese is simmered (it mustn't boil). During the simmering, we puncture it several times to let out the extra liquid. Cooked head cheese is put onto the clean surface, covered with a dish-cloth, and an additional burden is put onto it to become pressed after being cooled. After a day or two, the head cheese is taken to smoking.